The leisurely chef (with a blender)


Physically active as I am (I lift weights every day and am an avid runner), I will readily admit that I enjoy the little things in life that make every day easy. Between managing a neuroscience lab, taking care of a 150-pound saint bernard (I adore him!!!), exercise and the occasional silly movie, preparing elaborate meals is not only difficult but often aversive. Add to that that I am the biggest klutz you will ever meet, and tampering with a stove or an oven is straight up risky. And yet, I am well aware that a nourished and healthy body and brain are a must if I am to stay on top of my game. And this is why I invested in a blender.

You do not need fancy kitchenware to make the leap into a lifestyle fueled by fresh, clean, nutritious foods that take next to no time to prepare. I certainly didn’t. Go to your local pharmacy or grocery store and get yourself a decently-sized blender–it will soon become the single most beloved source of freshly prepared deliciousness. I use my 40-dollar, garden variety blender I bought at the local Rite Aid for pretty much my every meal. So let me begin sharing the abundance of goodness that fuels a healthy life and leaves me strong, alert, light, and very well-fed! Image


2 thoughts on “The leisurely chef (with a blender)

  1. Blogging with a blender. How interesting. I’m blogging with my $30 hand mixer, so I agree that one doesn’t need fancy kitchenware to blog.

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