Frequent and odd misconception: vegans and vegetarians cannot build muscle. Hm….you sure about that?


False!! Vegans and vegetarians are as capable as anyone of building strong, lean muscle. Indeed, if you are doing the vegan thing right, you will be more than likely to build muscle tissue fast, and develop great definition. The dirty little secret is no secret at all: consume plenty of protein/ amino-acid-rich fresh, raw dark leafy veggies, beans and seeds, nuts and soy. Be generous with your consumption of fruit to replace energy stores you use throughout your workouts and daily life. Exercise regularly and challenge yourself during work outs. If it feels difficult, you are telling your muscles to do a little more each time, and grow. Yep–it’s common sense, no magic here!


8 thoughts on “Frequent and odd misconception: vegans and vegetarians cannot build muscle. Hm….you sure about that?

  1. Chris Shoebridge says:

    Looking genuinely fantastic. Hard work and healthy eating pay off! What’s a typical core strength routine for you? I recently began including hanging knee raises and, despite regular crunches and planks, they worked a part of the abdominals I hadn’t really used before – ouch. Totally worth it.

    I’m going to have to train pretty hard to out-physique you. Not that this is a competition, but, you know, it is πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks so much, Chris!!! πŸ™‚ All of this so so flattering–it’s funny how much easier it gets to build lean muscle once you switch to a vegan diet, and even more so if you eat primarily raw!! Cravings are virtually gone, there is really no limit to the amounts I consume, yet I always feel light and strong. I am thinking about posting some core routines here–what do you think?

      • Chris Shoebridge says:

        Good summary, and my experience mirrors your own. I love eating until I’m stuffed, knowing that I’m not jeopardizing my ability to stay lean and build strength.

        I think posting some routines is a great idea! Then I can see if I can keep up with you!

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