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More obliques: deeper layers

I thought it’s time to take it up a notch–to really engage the deeper layers of the obliques and get them to burn a little. The exercises discussed below will engage the internal obliques, the transversus abdominis, and the musculature  forming the border of the lower ribs.


1. Kick ups-The Vegan Glutton version

position your body so that the arms and torso are firmly stabilized, legs hanging in the air. position a small dumbbell between your feet–“”hold” the weight with your feet and ankles. List the legs up slowly, shins and thighs at 90 degrees, until thighs are parallel to the ground. Rotate at the hips to the left and right, holding for 10-15 seconds at each rotation. lower your legs. Repeat 20 times.


Side planks:

Positioning– Lie on your right side on an exercise mat with your legs straight and the left leg stacked directly on top of the right. Bend the right elbow and place is directly under your shoulder. Align your head with your spine and keep your hips and right knee in contact with the exercise mat.

Exhale, keep the abdominals engaged to brace your spine. Lift your hips and knees off the mat. The side of your right foot stays in contact with the mat. Keep your head aligned with your spine and your right elbow positioned directly under your shoulder. Hold this position for 1.5 minutes, then switch sides. Repeat 6 times with each side. http://www.acefitness.org/acefit/fitness_programs_exercise_library_details.aspx?exerciseid=101


Wood chops:

You can do these with a cable, or with free weights. I prefer the latter. Grab a 15-pound dumbbell (in my case; or simple grab one that’s not too heavy, but feels uncomfortable), plant your feet steadily on the ground, hips locked above the feet. Hold the dumbbell with both hands, on the right hip side. lift diagonally above your left shoulder, and slowly return to original position. Do 3×8 on each side. Enjoy the pain!



5 thoughts on “More obliques: deeper layers

  1. Kay says:

    No offense, but instead of posting pics of your abs, perhaps photos of someone doing the exercises would be more helpful?

    • Not offended, Kay–this is a blog I run that is from me, so I consider showing my experience and effects of these routines as helpful, and some of that certainly is posting pictures of how mu abdominals look as a result of performing these exercises. That doesn’t mean, of course, that if there is something to clarify them, that could very well have a place here, too. Thanks for your feedback!

      • Kay says:

        I get that you want to show off your body! 🙂 It’s just that for these purposes, instructional photos may be more helpful.

      • Hi Kay, I take your comment as constructive criticism–thank you–in my newest blog, I have included instructional pictures to aid the execution. I hope you find them helpful! 🙂

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