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Health, kindness, and self-compassion

And just as I was referring to the subjectively noted utility of kindness and compassion to self, I stumbled across this…vegan food for thought 🙂

Self-compassionate reactions to health threats.


Terry ML, et al. Show all


Pers Soc Psychol Bull. 2013 Jul;39(7):911-26. doi: 10.1177/0146167213488213.


1Duke University, Durham, NC, USA.


Four studies investigated the relationship between self-compassion, health behaviors, and reactions to illness. Participants completed measures of self-compassion, health-related thoughts and feelings, reactions to actual and hypothetical illnesses, and self-regulation. Study 1 revealed that self-compassion was related to health-related cognitions and affect for healthy and unhealthy participants. In Study 2, self-compassion predicted participants’ reactions to actual illnesses beyond the influence of illness severity and other predictors of health behaviors. Self-compassionate people also indicated they would seek medical attention sooner when experiencing symptoms than people lower in self-compassion. Study 3 demonstrated that self-compassion is related to health-promoting behaviors even after accounting for self-regulatory capabilities and illness cognitions. Study 4 revealed that the relationship between self-compassion and health reactions is partially explained by a proactive approach to health, benevolent self-talk, and a motivation toward self-kindness. Overall, these studies demonstrate that self-compassion has important implications for health-promoting behaviors and reactions to illness.



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