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The evolution (and maintenance) of cravings

I think it goes without saying that at one point or another we have all experienced cravings. I think we can also agree that most of those cravings are universal among people: those nagging urgent desires for fats, sugars, and salts.

I found this lovely little article, written for any reader, that scratches the surface of the origins of cravings, and provides a starting point for researching some well-established facts about taste and food preference in humans, the reasons that make these preferences obsolete and disadvantageous nowadays, and the sneaky ways in which we perpetuate cravings by consuming the wrong foods.

I hope you enjoy the read!


2 thoughts on “The evolution (and maintenance) of cravings

  1. I appreciate this post as a compassionate reminder that cravings are absolutely normal for us humans. We’re not “faulty” if we crave certain foods, as it’s part of our human genes! BUT I can see how powerful behavior modification can be as a way to deal with cravings. Thanks for sharing this article!

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