This is why I am vegan

Is this disturbing to you? If you answered yes, it’s because you were probably made sick by what you SAW. Now imagine being who you see in this video. Now think about giving dollars to the very people who murder like this, because meat and animal products are tasty, and you buy them. Is this acceptable to you? Is this who you want to be, what you want to be inflicting? If someone is standing next to you, torturing, skinning, beating an animal, then packaging it to look pretty, would you call that perverse? Would you give this person $5 in return? Would you accept what was killed and feed on it?



2 thoughts on “This is why I am vegan

  1. nina tzaneva says:

    sega te razbiram, makar i da izgledah po-malko ot minuta ot klipa – niamam sili za poveche, a i tova mi stiga

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