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What’s in a glass of raw nutrients

I am all for a science-based approach to well-being. But even I will admit that there is something to be  said about the subjective “UP” you get from knowing you are about to consume, in one 8 oz glass, something truly GOOD–simple, ready, raw, quickly available and rapidly utilizable. I started my day with a glass of iron, antioxidants, vitamins K, A, C, and B, essential amino acids, fiber, carbohydrates and plant fats. I mixed tons of spinach with half a grapefruit, papaya, berries, kale, kiwi, carrots, and flaxseed. I love just documenting all the micronutrients I made available to myself, that I needed and received. It is the thought of doing the right thing for yourself, promoting your own well-being, being the drive of your own health, and the decision-maker of your happiness.


I think this alone deserves as much merit as any scientifically-based approach to health. Be your own fan, your strongest supporter, your best care-giver. Admire and love the effects of your kindness to yourself, the beauty you reflect as a result of intelligent self-nurturing.

Then give the same to others. To me, this is the happiest way to be. Humility, love, intelligence, beauty. Go VEGAN!


5 thoughts on “What’s in a glass of raw nutrients

  1. Hear hear! This is a fantastic attitude toward any lifestyle choices we make for ourself. 🙂 Like you, I appreciate the science-based approach (but you’re definitely more well-versed than I am!), I like to think that my body is a very intuitive guide if I practice self-care the best extent I know how and give compassionate attention to it. But yes, it’s important to be your own biggest supporter!

    • Josie, I can learn from you more about introspection and compassionate attention to self. But in fact, this post somehow spawned from something you had written as a caption to a picture that I happened to see–live your own truth to the fullest. What a lovely thought, and so well-put–the core, I think, of the ability to enjoy yourself and others.

  2. Oh wow. Tatyana, I’m speechless. Well, I’m gonna try here. As though you know exactly what I was thinking or wanted to express through my pictures/captions as seen on my Instagram, which sometimes I felt I couldn’t put more eloquently but tried to, but your blog did just that for me, like finally someone who knows what I’m wondering about or wanting to learn about, from the bigger picture (i.e., vegan way of eating) down to the little subtler things (i.e., the science behind nutrition, fine tuning our strength training routine for better balance etc). And then there you are, writing about it! 😀 It makes me so happy that somebody else gets it too! Moreover, I’m touched by your feedback/conversation with me. You obviously understand a lot of things that deeply resonate with me and I’m passionate about (actually that’s about every veracious post you’ve made… I read them ALL with glee). From recipes, science of nutrition, specific health topics, fitness and conscious eating… You encapsulate them so well and I just don’t know what else to say! They often just make my day. And today your comment here just made it even better. ❤ Thank you so much for being YOU!

  3. Josie, it’s been my pleasure, and thank you. It is not often that one sees not only similarity in interests and sentiment, but genuine kindness, generosity, and keen understanding to go with them, and this is what I think I’ve been lucky to find in you. I feel utterly lucky. ❤

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