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Nature as your gym

I have pretty much never met someone who does not enjoy a beautiful sight, or sunshine, or a mild breeze. Most of us also love the outdoors if only because of the sense of space, lack of clutter, the calmness, the smell of fresh air.

Yet we often associate fitness and exercise with indoor gyms, stuffy, crowded spaces, and significant expenses. This alone creates obstacles to training: distance, cost, availability, are all added difficulties sufficient to make exercise aversive to many.

Well, one thing is for sure: a trail, a park, even your neighborhood street, will always be there. Going for a hike, jogging on a trail, yoga in your back yard–require nothing but getting out of your house–and exercise starts.

This article reviews all the wonderful benefits of making the great outdoors your free, ever present gym. Enjoy the sunshine, and get your heart rate up:



2 thoughts on “Nature as your gym

  1. I totally agree…nature and people. Playing, as we did as kids, is the best way to keep in shape…nutrition is definitely important, but with good nutrition the fitness part can be super easy, a lot easier than it’s often made out to be. All you need is energy.

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