Thank you to my awesome sister

This post might resonate with some, but it certainly is most relevant to and 100% inspired by my sister, Roza.

Roza (her name means “rose”)  is my very talented, smart, sharp, beautiful sister. She has a clarity of thought and conviction I sometimes envy. She is very strong, very true to her instincts,   she is compassionate and very funny- a truly good friend. Today, I wanted to thank her and send her all my love for being so incredibly supportive of this blog, the ideas behind it, and of me in particular. It has been the single most motivating influence on me in continuing and improving The Vegan Glutton, and has brought me so much confidence and happiness. Thank you, sis, for being so thoughtful, insightful, genuinely kind and amazing. It means the world to me. I love you!!

Oh and I hope one day you go vegan 😉





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