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On Hydration: WATER

Well I simply can’t help but post this wonderful summary of the reasons to avoid the numerous sugary, artificially sweetened, not to mention colored, substitutes to the best, healthiest source of hydration: water. Remember how lucky we are to have access to it, and be aware of the detriments to your appetite and health–physical and mental, every time you feel tempted to grab a soda or a sports drink.


2 thoughts on “On Hydration: WATER

  1. nina tzaneva says:

    Niakoi sintetichni podsladiteli, napr. Nutrasweet, izvesten oshte kato Aspartam, koyto e dipeptid, okolo 200 pyti po-sladyk ot zaharta i se sydyrga v povecheto light napitki, koito paradirt, che sa bez zahar, kakto i v povecheto dyvki !!!, e dokazano kancerogenen i v niakoi strani e zabranen. Tova po povod na drugite napitki – nashite – voda i kafe sa si kakvoto triabva:)

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