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In support of a non-processed (raw), veggie diet!

Once again, I am not going to hide the happiness from having found confirmation of what the basic ideas behind the Vegan Glutton are: low-processed (or better yet, raw), veggie/vegan diets show marked benefits over a long period of time on health, body weight, and, consequently, quality of life, fitness level, and overall well-being.

Read on Harvard’s summary of findings from a longitudinal study on diet and weight gain here:

Add more veggies to your diet, stay active and AWAY from meats and fried foods. Opt for a meat-free, plant-based diet. It helps you, and it helps animals, too.

Go Vegan!


One thought on “In support of a non-processed (raw), veggie diet!

  1. nina tzaneva says:

    I vse pak – poniakoga termichnata obrabotka pravi hranata po-polezna. Domatite naprimer, sydyrgat Likopen, koyto se osvobogdava samo pritermichna obrabotka i e s antikancerogenni i drugi cenni kachestva. Cpomniash li si sandvichite s pechen domat, na koito vi nauchi Amar? 🙂

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