Chocolate Goji Berry Crunch Granola

Chocolate Goji Berry Crunch Granola.




2 thoughts on “Chocolate Goji Berry Crunch Granola

  1. Love this recipe and bookmarked! 🙂 Thanks for sharing many links and information about veganism… More than words can express, I appreciate this deeply. Like I know what and why you’re saying, but until I truly embody what this feels like and means to me personally, I feel like watching through the window outside looking in.

    Btw- I also enjoy using raw cacao instead of regular cocoa powder! Not just for its awesome deep cacao-chocolate-y taste but also for the health benefits as you mentioned in your last post!

    • I think you are approaching your own transition to potentially being vegan with more thought and sincerity than most. To me, this is as important as living the lifestyle itself. You will have explored, understood, and assimilated evolved motives for a lifestyle that you will then truly own. This sort of conviction as an internalized set of self-explored reasons is so formative of a person. It’s valuable that you are taking your time. Thank you for all the kind words.

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