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As a vegan, I get bombarded with questions daily about howonearthdoyoudothisveganthingdon’tyoumisschocolateandmeatandcheese?!? Yes, yes, I get it: and I do miss some things, indeed, but the reason for going vegan was never that I just don’t care about the foods I choose to be without. No: the motives have to do with animals, not what i like or don’t. happily, I also like being vegan.

But one thing I have missed badly is ice cream. I have always loved ice cream-as a kid, as a grown up who tries to live a healthy life–ice cream is my weak spot. Lately the sneaky craving for ice cream has returned–and if you are anything like me, you know that this sort of thing doesn’t just go away on its own- oh no, it GROWS.

I have made various smoothies and shakes which quite often do the trick of fooling my brain into thinking it’s been duly rewarded…but ultimately, I would love to have the real deal.

So I looked. I looked for a variety of vegan ice cream recipes that not only fit the skill set of an average, not particularly talented (to say the least) cook like myself, but were also quick and affordable.

I am ecstatic to announce I have found a plethora of vegan  does not seem to be  ice cream ideas here: and I will be making coconut ice cream later today!

Enjoy the recipes. I am a happier vegan today.

This picture is borrowed from Rachel Sanders’s wonderful blog–link above.


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