Shine On!

What a lovely way to come back– to a welcoming message informing me that my wonderful fellow-blogger, CrimsonConundrum (veganlynx.wordpress.com)- an avid animal lover and a vocal animal welfare advocate, has nominated me for the Shine On award for blogging.

A few things about me and this blog:

1. I seek to provide an understanding of a vegan lifestyle as both informed and achievable;

2. I think we should, as a whole, know and keep learning about the mistreatment of animals and stop funding industries who perpetuate this mistreatment;

3. I love fitness, healthy living, science, and, of course, animals;

4. I love math;

5. I study the human brain;

6. I am relentlessly curious;

7. I have a gorgeous rescue saint bernard dog.


I nominate, in no particular order, the following blogs:









Best of luck! But mostly, GO VEGAN!


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