Welcome to The Vegan Glutton! I was inspired to create this blog to share the wonderful, healthy, rich, and delicious world of vegan (and mostly raw!) foods, and the colorful, mouthwatering bounty I enjoy every day to stay energized, fit, and sharp. I hope you love the recipes and (often improvised) easy and fresh ideas you will find here to experience the fantastic effects a vegan diet can have on cognition, physical strength, mood, and our environment. Thanks for joining!2

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  1. Hello! Thanks for following! I love your blog’s name – pigging out is a specialty of mine.
    I am happily following back … that morning smoothie you posted recently kinda sold me!

  2. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog via FB group vegan Bodybuilding. I love your blog and your informative posts! Thanks for creating it. I’m still tiptoeing my way through vegetarian lifestyle, although I’d like to say that I’ve always love fruits and veggies all my life. My biggest fear is I haven’t been able to cut out animal proteins because I never feel full eating just vegetarian foods (beans, veggies and whole grains). I’m sure there are more to explore as for the reasons why I’m not getting the satiety factors. Anyway, sorry for rambling! 🙂 I’m learning TONS from your blog and other resources. So much to learn, a bit overwhelming right now. But it’s all good things!!

    • Hi Josie, thanks so much for your very kind words, and for joining! It truly makes me happy to hear that this blog is beneficial in some small way. I will quickly admit that I used to struggle through the same difficulties until I went almost fully raw. I make exceptions here and there, but it really started to feel as if eating raw foods added something nutritionally that was otherwise lost. I have had food cravings my entire life, until now. It amazes me to what extent wholesome, raw foods are satisfactory. It’s the main reason I started the blog! Please know that any and all feedback, as well as ideas about what you would like to see on here, are not only welcome but much appreciated. I, too, am learning as I am developing this funny little website 🙂

  3. Your blog looks great! I love the recipes and photos. What inspired you to become a vegan? I am currently in limbo between veganism and vegetarianism. I cook vegan food, but I struggle with temptation to not eat vegan when I’m with family and out to eat. Has anything helped you with those struggles (if you’ve experienced them)?

    • Hi Samantha, you are raising such a relevant question.I have certainly struggled with the sentiments you described here. I was vegetarian for 6-7 years before I became vegan (only 2 weeks ago!). My reasons to be vegetarian had to do with animal welfare, and, if I were to be consistent with this rationale, it really was logical to be strictly vegan. And yet, I thought it was an impossible task: socially difficult, nutritionally restrictive. But I think I had failed to recognize two major factors: I was lacking the imagination to inform what foods to add to a vegan diet, so I viewed veganism as a form of deprivation; I sustained a cycle of cravings by satisfying them temporarily with the very nutritiously poor foods that were the source of cravings to begin with. I think things changed once I started to look elsewhere for answers–looking at what people had learned to make, why and how miscronutrients matter, what I needed to get from food, and why, and, finally, why are raw, readily available, unmodified and unadulterated foods fulfilling in smaller amounts, and how they nourish effectively and thus kill cravings which are based on malnutrition. Once I learned that, I was able to immensely diversify what I ate, and it no longer appeared socially restrictive; the vegetarian options were no longer tempting since I no longer had cravings thanks to the availability of digestible, utilizable nourishment I was getting. Try it; raw veganism is I think the best kind. I feel strong and well, I feel happier, I think better, and look better, and it’s easy. Be honest with yourself about the supplementation you will need if you are vegan. Not everything is available in vegan foods (hence my recent posts on calcium and B-12 supplementation, for instance). It’s worth it, I love it. Good luck!

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