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End of the day work out

A great way to exhaust yourself after today’s run and ab work to secure a great, solid night sleep:

Chest presses 3×10
Wall sits 3x 45 seconds
Squats 3x 12, in my case- with a 50 pound bar
Single leg squats, back foot elevated 3x 10, 10 lbs in each hand
Step ups, 3x 8, elevation: knee high bench, 10 lbs in each hand
Split squats, back foot elevated, 3x 10, with a 25 lbs plate
Jumps – knee high bench, 3×10
Deadlifts, 3×12, 45 lbs bar


And if you aren’t exhausted…well, I have someone here who is always drained enough for all of us!

Night night:)